Baja Racing Rules

Norman County Raceway (Ada, MN) Baja Racing Rules

Baja Races – Wednesday, June 19 (7:00 pm)
Sponsored by: Norman County Fair (June 19 – 22) & 106.5 KRJB

All rules will be enforced. No exceptions.

● Roll bar – Shall be no more than 6” from drivers head horizontally and must stick up higher than drivers head with helmet on.
● Roll cage – Inside of car, 3 or 4 point roll bar of 2” or larger pipe bolted to the floor with plates under each pipe.
● Bumpers – Stock bumpers can be welded on. No I-Beams.
● Battery – Can remain in stock location or safely relocated. If relocated to the inside of the cab, it must be securely fastened and covered.
● Gas tank – Stock position or safely relocated. If in stock location, make sure that factory straps are still securely mounted or add additional support.
● Glass
– Remove lights front and rear.
– Side windows rolled down. (Recommend removing)
– The windshield can stay in. If removed, a helmet with a full face shield is required.
– All side mirrors must be removed.
– Also, recommend putting steel bars in front of the driver to block flying debris.
● Drivers door – Protected with a bar or beam.
● Tires – Stock or approved highway legal tires.
● Sunroof – Must be covered with metal equal to roof metal.
● Car Number – On car roof in the vertical position.

Driver Safety:
● Helmets – Must be worn anytime the car is moving and/or on the track.
● Seat belts – With shoulder straps – Required. A 5-point harness is recommended.
● Safety recommendations (Not required) – Fireproof suit, gloves & shoes. Head & neck restraint.
● Passengers – Not allowed.
● Air bags – Removed.
● Window netting – Driver’s window must be covered with approved car netting to keep all body parts inside of car in case of a rollover.
● Minimum driver age – 15. Any driver that is 15, 16 or 17 years old must have a release form signed by legal guardian. (Form provided at the track)

● 4 Cylinder Cars
● 6 Cylinder Cars
● 8 Cylinder Cars
● Full-Sized Pickups & Vans
● Mini-Vans & Compact Pickups
Vans and Pickup classes will be as follows:
– Minivans with no frame.
– S-10 pickups, Ford Rangers, Trailblazers, smaller Ford Explorers etc.
(Call to verify vehicle entry into intended race class if you have any questions. It will be up to race officials as to which class you will be in.)
● Numbers – We will not be allowing duplicated car numbers in the same class. This will be on a first come first serve basis. Pre-registration is highly recommended.

● Grandstands – $10 for all ages
● Pits – $15

● To register, go to: Deadline to pre-register is June 17, 2019.
● Day-of (June 19) registration cutoff: 6:00pm

Baja Racing Registration

  • Baja Races - Wednesday, June 19 (7:00 pm) *Deadline to pre-register is June 17, 2019





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